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At Bredabest we are continuously finding innovative Retail Solutions for strong Consumer Brands and Private Label Retailers. Ranging from exciting flavor combinations and seasonal specials to new product concepts and innovative packaging.

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The power of nuts and peanuts.

Nuts and Peanuts are rapidly becoming the new super-food. and bredabest is your best partner for innovative nut butters that fit in any diet.

Bredabest has recognized the power of high quality nuts and peanuts and has developed a wide variety of Peanut Butters and Nut Butters. From the classic USA style Peanut Butter to functional versions with added Fibres, Protein and Good Fats. Even Seasonal Specials and Nut Blends.

In particular All Natural Peanut & Nut Butters are on the rise. In line with popular food trends that promote clean label foods and healthy ingredients. We can offer a range of clean, great tasting Nut Butters free from Palm Oil, salt and other added ingredients.


from conventional (USA style) to organic. Much is possible.

We produce nut butters in all varieties. From the classic smooth Peanut Butter everybody loves to super-crunchy version for a real special texture.

For our Organic nut butters we use nuts and peanuts sourced from trusted Organic suppliers worldwide.

Test Kitchen & Pilot Plant

We have the best tailor-made Peanut and Nut Butters. furthermore we can create almost any flavor version you desire.

2019 marked the year of major expansions at Bredabest. We opened our totally new Test Kitchen and Pilot Plant where we work together with clients to find the perfect blend of Nuts, Peanuts and other ingredients.


For innovative new takes on Nut Butters or Holiday Specials, we can offer you a wide range of possibilities.

Minimum order quantities (MOQ)

To offer you the best quality and services we have a MOQ of more than 5.000 units.

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